Two prominent concerns emerged in the debate around the implementation of AI in fighting crimes. Authoritarian governments exploiting AI surveillance and biases in facial recognition technology.

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Artificial intelligence (AI)¹ has been rapidly growing worldwide, with new applications being discovered every day. While AI has applications across many sectors, one area where it is commonly utilized is in AI surveillance and facial recognition technology to combat crimes. As of 2019, at least seventy-five countries globally are actively…

Artificial Intelligence

AI and engines have forever changed the game of chess.

Today, top players use engine preparations in world championships and everyday individuals utilize computers to learn and advance their games. AI has fundamentally transformed chess for the better, however, concerns also arise in regard to cheating…

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While the origin of chess remains a controversy debated among historians and players globally…

Cézanne’s works greatly catalyze abstract art in the 20th century

Self Portrait, Paul Cézanne


Born on January 19, 1839, Paul Cézanne was a French Post-Impressionists whose works served as the foundation for modern art. In particular, Cézanne’s was a forerunner of Cubism, influencing the great minds of artists such as Pablo Picasso. Bridging the gap between late 19th century Impressionism with the new 20th…

One of the greatest Post-Impressionists in history

Starry Night Over the Rhône, van Gogh


Throughout history, few artists have managed to grab the world’s attention through the sheer awe of composition. Among them emerges Vincent van Gogh, a Dutch painter who profoundly influenced the status of modern art. Interestingly, van Gogh is known for his artworks and his status as the “quintessential tortured artist,”…

A quick look at the history of the Renaissance


The Birth of Venus by Botticelli

The Renaissance, which took place from the 14th century to the 19th century, describes rapid economic, political, and social change. Often referred to as a “rebirth” after the Middle Ages, Renaissance artists exemplified the rediscovery of classical literature, art, and culture. But, perhaps more importantly is the sheer amount of…

A look at the life of da Vinci and his artworks

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Throughout history, various transformative artists emerged, forever changing the depiction and understanding of the nature of art. So enters the idealistic Renaissance Man, Leonardo da Vinci, recognized as a painter, sculptor, architect, engineer and writer. A Renaissance Man defines the most accomplished individuals throughout history and is “bold, stern and…

A Double-Edged Sword

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Today, in our era of online social movements and calling for change, technology has become an instrumental tool for organizing and gaining public awareness. Only a handful of people emerge as informal leaders for change on social media and encourage like-minded individuals to express themselves for the betterment of society…

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